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Welcome, officially, to my new blog! Though I created it a few weeks ago -and went ahead and published it - it wasn't really quite ready til today. Now I have my very own web address - - rather than the bulky, awkward address you get free with any blog start up.

I want to tell you - whatever you wish you could do or want to do or fantasize about doing - you can do it. You really, really can!

I know everyone from high profile celebrities to kindergarten teachers say that but you know why everyone who creates success for their lives says that?

Because it's true!

There cannot possible be another living soul on this planet who is more computer-illiterate than me! Come on! I grew up with three television channels - four if you positioned the "rabbit ears" (yeah, google that one!) just right. If I fell asleep with the tv one, I woke up to a loud, obnoxious, monotone buzz and a color pattern on the television.


I mean how much more technology-stone age can ya get? (And not be nearly 100 years old anyway?)

And yet, I figured out this whole create-a-website thing!

It wasn't easy.

In part, because the people who write and claim how "easy" various sites are for creating your own website grew up with 150 different channels, the Internet and "buttons" (remotes) in their hands from nearly birth.

I'm not faulting them or age shaming...

Just saying the people telling me who how easy it is, don't come from the same experiences (or even the same century maybe!) as me. WIX probably is "easy" compared to writing your own code - or something like that. But it's not "easy" for someone who thought a ten-foot phone cord was finally living.

But I did it!

It took me a while.

A lot of starts and stops and then start again, then curse and start again. There's stuff I couldn't figure out. There's stuff I got "just right" only to lose it with the slip of a finger. There's stuff I'm actually happy with. But right, wrong or kinda right, the whole time I was at this, I was so, so far out of my comfort zone.

And that's the secret no one is telling you.

The missing ingredient people forget to mention when they say "you can do anything..."

You really, really, REALLY can do anything.

But besides being willing to try, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable.

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