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It Is THAT Bad

My husband is verbally abusive.

I'm embarrassed to acknowledge how dismissive I have become of that.

Most days, he's here physically but not otherwise.

He goes to work, comes home, takes a nap, watches television, goes to bed and repeats it the next day. Weekends simply remove the "go to work" part.

He rarely talks to me and barely talks to the kids.

But then...

There will be episodes of "SHUT THE FUCK UP" and the likes.

How did this ever become my life? How is this the family home I have created for my children?

I happened upon a video on FaceBook "shorts" and it was a secret recording of a verbally abusive boyfriend.

I felt sick to my stomach.

THIS is what my children have listened to for the past ten years.

How have I let this happen?

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