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Happy Valentine's Day

What does February 14 mean to you?

Nothing? Disappointment?



I suppose I have gotten past any sort of expectation or disappointment.


Oh, I know.

Valentine's Day is a made up holiday. (News Flash: All holidays are "made up.")

But that doesn't take away that little twinge, that bit of sadness sitting in the back of my mind.

I'm not an over-the-top Valentine Day girl (but then maybe I would be if someone went over-the-top for me. Hmm? Which came first?) and when my husband did participate - I don't know if he ever actually celebrated - he would stop at Costco on his way home and get me flowers and candy.

That was lovely.

Now the real sadness lies in - even if he does make an effort - I don't care.

It means nothing to me.

Last year, on a complete whim, I bought a stuffed Valentine monkey I happened to see in Target. It wasn't with the other Valentine Day things: it was just randomly stuck on a shelf, far from its intended home. I took that as a sign and bought it. I wasn't even sure why I was doing it but when my kids saw it and asked why, before I knew what I was saying, I was saying,

"Sometimes you just need to buy yourself a Valentine Day monkey."

I hope today you have your version of a Valentine Day monkey.

Maybe you buy yourself some flowers or a doughnut or the "venti" size of your favorite Starbucks coffee drink - which is probably more milkshake-esq than coffee if you're like me. Maybe you just buy a plain old candy bar at the grocery store line check out. Maybe you don't buy yourself anything at all but hide in a hot bath or at the park with nothing but your own thoughts and a book. But whatever you do, celebrate you today.

I know.

It's a made up holiday.

And we should celebrate love everyday.

And you're not really an over-the-top Valentine's Day girl.

That's ok.

Celebrate you anyway.

It's not just that you deserve it.

You need it.

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