"The world you desire can be won. It is is's yours." Ayn Rand

One day I heard someone say, "you should ask yourself, 'what do you want to be able to say about your life on your deathbed?'" I thought about it and realized I wanted to be able to say that I had taken the worse thing life had done to me and turned it into the best thing life had done for me.  My worse was marrying a man who turned out to be an alcoholic.  My best is the life I am creating as a result of this.


Spring: The Season of Renewal

I was taking a walk yesterday and it suddenly occurred to me how futile and foolish New Year's Resolutions are. Now, I'm sure we have...

Take The Shore

There was a review for my book "The Alcoholic Husband Primer: Survival Tips For The Alcoholic's Wife" that essentially said the book was...

Go Easy On You

This morning I delivered my children to their various destinations, returned home, pulled into the driveway and, as usual, sat in my car...

Do You Have A Plan For Your Life?

The past long weekend was an ugly one. As long weekends or holidays or just the random Tuesday can be in an alcoholic marriage but this...


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